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What are we learning?

April 16, 2009

This post is about negative side of cartoons. In this post I would like to mention some cartoons that are giving false information of the living world.

I think in cartoon fiction is ok, but we have to make sure that our kids can easily understand what is the fiction and what is the truth. We have to be careful that we are not mixing the fiction with reality.

Yes. It is true that some of our kids are so serious about cartoons that they like to believe what the cartoons show, but what will happen to those who are enjoying cartoons, but not affectionate about that? 



Some cartoons, like ‘POKEMON‘ and ‘DIGIMON‘ are the



examples of those cartoons which are giving our kids wrong information. In these cartoons we can see many creatures which are not real. However, they set up as they are real and their body shape is like shape of original animals. The problem is there are lots of surprising plants and animals in this world, about which we are unaware. So, after watching those creators, small kids can easily believe that those are real. They will be puzzled easily.

Instead of those characters can’t we use the original animals to introduce our kids about the living creators? It is my another silly thought. One day while I was watching television with my small cousin, I noticed that he knows all the names of the characters of the cartoons which are very weird. It surprised me because he can’t memorize properly any English name of animals, but he can memorize what the cartoon is showing him. I am sure that if we introduce the original plants and animals through cartoons like Pokemon or Digimon, they will enjoy and learn quickly.


I am grown up!

April 9, 2009


Just imagine kids of 10 years old who are in our homes. Do you understand their thought? Or what do they do in a day?

Go to school, study at home, watching cartoons or playing games in computer or television rest of the time-this is the general daily routine of a kid of 10. Most of the time, they will be in their own world which is full of their dreams, full of their superheroes. In their rooms you can see the posters of their favorite cartoon characters hanging on the wall, sticker in the notebooks, and pictures in bag, pencils or sharpener. They don’t go outside to play as their parents don’t allow them because of their safety. So, their world is surrounded by cartoons and other indoor games. They always want to do some crazy stuff because they want to be unique. If you tell them to stop, the answer will be “I AM GROWN UP. I am not a child anymore. So, I can do whatever I want to.”

Now, I am going to write about two kids who are what we call ‘street children’. They are Janhangir Alam and Tauhidul Islam. Both of them are 10 years old and live at Chittagong in Bangladesh.

Jahangir Alam

Jahangir Alam

Janhangir works in a hotel in the day time. In the night, he plays with his friend Masuk, who is also the same age of him. He loves roaming here and there all the time.  I asked him why he stopped his study. The answer was he has to earn for his family, otherwise his mother, who stays in village, will starve. I reminded him his age, but he said, “I AM GROWN UP”. I changed the topic. My next question what he does in the leisure time: whether watches television like other kids of his age. He watches television in his neighborhood, and according to him, watching cartoons is childish and bogus. He thinks, the kids who don’t have anything to do, they watch cartoons, which is worthless.

Tauhidul Islam

Tauhidul Islam

Like him, Tauhidul is also working. He asks money from the passerby of streets. He is not ready to agree calling his work begging. He is also earning as he is “GROWN UP”. He loves playing in the open field. There is no fear for him to get lost, so he can play without any tension.  But, sometime he watches cartoons in the television. There is neither any

characters of the SISIMPUR

characters of the SISIMPUR

dish connection where he lives, nor any television. So, if the head of their colony allows him, he can see cartoons in his home with his kids. He watches only one cartoon which is “SISIMPUR“. As he stopped going to school, he can learn a little bit from this cartoon. It’s his additional concern. Still his major concern is how to earn more to lead a better life.

Now, please think of it. These kids are only 10 years old, but there is a huge difference between their thoughts. One group is thinking of imagery things, which we are allowing. Even they don’t have any idea about real world. And another group is thinking of livelihood and managing life. After all, both of them are GROWN UP!

Thanks to my friend Nasima, for whom I was able to meet these kids.

I am isolated!

April 5, 2009

A few days ago I went to my home with my friends. I never imagined that I would experience something new!

When I went to meet my grand mom, I met my uncle from neighborhood and his son. My cousin is studying in class II. He is my today’s topic.

Like other kids he also loves Spiderman cartoon. He is a really fan of it. He plays the Spiderman games in computer all the time. He has the collection of the movie series also.

Not only this, his pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler, pencil box, school bag and even water bottle also have Spiderman logos. Isn’t it craziness?


The problem is his parents are also happy with this because their kid is not a disturbing kid. Moreover, their child is doing well in exams. So, they are providing what their kid is saying. My uncle is also satisfied because his son is not playing outside, so they don’t have any tension where their kid is or what is he doing or is he having any bad company.

Now, my cousin’s demand is a by cycle. Obviously, it should have to have Spiderman photo in it. And his parents are planning to buy it!

How will I describe this one? My uncle and aunt are happy because both of them go to work and nobody is there to take care of their son. Moreover, their son also is not feeling lonely while he is with Spiderman. So, they can work without any tension.

Because of this thought, my neighbor uncle and aunt are making their son addicted to cartoon and computer games. After talking to their son, I realize that he is becoming unsocial. He has no interest to talk about anything rather talking about Spiderman. According to uncle, he is still kid and when he will grow up he will be social. 

I don’t know what conclusion I should draw about this problem. I can’t blame my uncle because he is right from his point of view. There is no option for him to choose. If his son goes outside, who will take care of him? So, let him to be isolated!!!  

Is watching cartoons bad?

March 25, 2009


Today I am going to write about one of my roommates and friends who loves reading cartoons (comics). No matter what happens, she has to read it!

She used to read cartoons on line for more than four hours daily. It became her habit, she became addicted to it.

I have never seen her studying at evening. She spent her whole day in the IT Lab and at night she sleeping! What an easy life!!

Though I have never seen her studying, her class performance is always good. I, along with my other roommates am surprised to that. The thing is she used to do homework during her free period. Sometimes, we have lots of work to do. I don’t know within a short period how she has managed all of the work.

One day, one of her teachers told us how creative she is. In her literature exam, she answered a question with her vision and imagination power. Her teacher was impressed to see it.

There is no doubt that from cartoon she is learning many things –small small general knowledge, lifestyle of the people of different countries. In one word, she is enriching herself without reading books, but only reading cartoons.

When she was in her home, she used to watch cartoons with her sisters all day long, but during her study time, she studied. However, she quarreled a lot with her sisters regarding watching cartoons. Three of them have different tastes and there is only one television. Her mom always scolds them for quarrelling. This is the sweetest memory of her life, which she shared with us several times. Now she is here, missing her family and sweet memories and reading cartoons!

This is just an example from my experience that watching cartoons is ok, but don’t be addicted to it. Like my friend, who is taking the good thing from cartoons, and never forget her responsibilities.

Popeye –the role model!

March 18, 2009


My last post was about a cartoon series that helped someone to prosper in life, but this post is.…..please just read it and think about it.

‘Popeye the sailor man’ is one of the old cartoons that is now still popular among kids and teenagers. The character POPEYE is a sailor, his girlfriend is OLIVE and his main enemy is BLUTO. These three characters are the leading characters of the series.

Whenever there is a problem Popeye comes to solve that. He defeats the enemies with the help of spinach. Though he is not strong enough to fight, he beats the rivals. In the cartoon he takes spinach and within a few seconds he becomes strong, muscular and energetic—ready to fight! Then, defeats the enemy, saves the world and becomes a hero of his fans.

I have seen many fans of Popeye. Like other fans, they also want to be Popeye. It’s a good thing that the cartoon inspired kids to eat spinach. I appreciate the idea because most of our kids don’t want to eat vegetables. If because of cartoon they eat spinach, we should be grateful for making this type of encouraging cartoons.

But, my concern is the pipe which is seen all the time in Popeye’s mouth. In the cartoon we can see that Popeye is smoking constantly. Some of his fans want to smoke too. They don’t want to listen to others, they don’t want to learn about the adverse effects of smoking, they only want to be a hero like Popeye!

The problem is smoking is a bad habit, but in the cartoon the hero is smoking rather than the villain. I think this is the major factor to influence our kids to smoke.  

So, besides spinach, the cartoon is also encouraging teenagers to smoke. I asked nine of them why they want to smoke and they replied that they believe smoking is symbolizing ‘smartness’. If they smoke, they will have girlfriends and they will be confident to protect them! Can you believe it? It’s a general thought of some teenagers. Who will make them understand what the reality is?

What is Popeye’s role here? Will we consider the cartoon as the encourager of eating spinach or smoking?

We all expect that cartoons will give pleasure to our kids and our kids will learn good things from it. But, in this case our kids are learning both good and bad things. I can’t categories the cartoon in any genres. How will you describe it?  



Cartoon and Architecture!

March 17, 2009


This post is an interview of a boy who was a cartoon addict and now an architect. I found his story very interesting which I am now going to share with you.

I met him in a birthday party of my cousin. I cannot mention his name because he doesn’t want his name to be published.

He loved cartoons from childhood, but he became addicted when he was in class VIII.  He was addicted to action cartoons and all the time thought about the characters. His days were passing like that, but suddenly one new cartoon series had changed his life.

The name of the cartoon was ‘TRANSFORMERS’. It was cartoon about robots that came to earth in a mission. They hid their identity to humans by transforming themselves into vehicles like cars, trucks etc.

This is like other action cartoons, but the characters’ transformation attracted him and switched his aim of life. He was a student of science and wanted to be doctor. However, now he is an architect.

This is my post –how he became an architect means how he influenced by cartoon. At the time he was influenced by the cartoons and started playing with his cars. He broke them and tried to fix them in a new shape. He experimented with his cars in order to turn them into robots! This was the beginning of his desire to become an architect.

From his childhood he wanted to be a doctor, but his parents eagerly wanted their son to become an engineer. They tried a lot to encourage him for the subject, however, the result was negative. They bought Lego set for him, but he never played with that. He was passionate about medicine and was preparing himself for that. Everybody thought that he would be a doctor, but the prediction result was different; he became an architect.  He confessed that the cartoon had an effect on his mind. He was inspired by it without knowing.

Now he is happy with his new life and dream. He stated that cartoons taught him to think differently. And the ‘TRANSFORMERS’ helped him to bring up his latent talent which was unknown to him. For the cartoon he found is real interest and accomplished his dream.  

So, if anyone wants to be engineer, they can watch the ‘TRANSFORMERS’. Who knows, maybe they can be architects like him. If you want to know more about the cartoon go to this link But, don’t watch cartoons too much!  

CASPER the friendly Danish

March 10, 2009


My last three posts were about my research and studies that showed how people are crazy about cartoons and its adverse effects on them.

In this post, I am going to talk about some of my friends, to whom I met recently, and my silly thoughts that came in my mind after meeting them. They all are Danish and came to visit our school as a part of their study tour. My friends are Inge, Anders, Christian, Dennis, AsbjØrn,…….and Casper.

His name is CASPER. Not the cartoon character CASPER -THE FRIEDNLY GHOST—he is Casper—my friend from Denmark. Like others, he also likes cartoons. He told me that whenever he went somewhere, people called him Casper the friendly ghost. J

After hearing him, suddenly one thought came to my mind. It’s about naming kids.

It is a tradition that people named their kids after the name of famous people, which implies that how much respected or adorable they are.

            In my country now a days, some people are naming their kids after the name of some daily soap superstars of my neighboring countries. Some words are commons in these countries, but the accent or pronunciation is different. Because of the addiction, people called their kids not in their native accent, but in the serials’ accent. Some example of this transformations are—‘Prerona’ – ‘Prena’, ‘Lokkhon’ – ‘Lakshman’, and ‘Sheta’ – ‘Shweta’. There are lots of examples like this, but as I am not a regular television viewer, I can remember these differences from my experience. I asked some parents why they called their kids in the foreign accent. I astonished to hear them. They are saying that it’s a fashion and became the matter of prestige or social status. Can you believe it!

This is the situation of my country. Parents are influenced by television serials and kids are cartoons. So, what will happen if the kids become parents? Will they name their children after the cartoon characters?

It’s not a big deal in western culture because most of the cartoon characters’ names are westerns and they are common in those countries, like my friend Casper. He told me that his parents named him, but not after the cartoon character Casper. It’s an ordinary name in his country. But, these names are not from our culture or have meaning in our language. So, if the kids follow their parents in term of naming their children, I won’t be surprised.   

Before finishing the post, I would like to give a special thanks to my teacher Ms. Jen, because of whom I met Casper and also she inspired and supported me a lot.