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‘Duniya Kapano 30 Minutes’

March 5, 2010

For me it was a TV live show which illustrates the 30 minutes lasting firing of West Pakistani Meletary on the procession of the students of Dhaka University demanding Bangla as a national language in 1952. The place called Aamtala which is the emergency gate of Dhaka Medical College.

The programme was held in that place and many people joined.

I was overwhelmed. There were no words to describe my feelings. I was slightly emotional too while wathcing the show. I wish I were present there at that time to see the programme live.

Later, in facebook, I joined its group after watching the programme. Everyone commenting there were sharing their feelings. I was also one of them. After a while, a comment drew my attention. Someone criticizes others feelings as according to her everyone exposes emotion only for one day! She meant that we actually don’t show our gratitude towards the martyers, we are talking about it as we have to do it or everyone is doing is.

It’s very strange because she came to this conculsion by her observation of her friends. From her experience she has said so, but there are people who actually express gratitude from the core of their heart. It is nothing that we have to show it all the time as far as you respect.