Let’s do it!

5 June was the WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY. On that day many organizers celebrated it with joy and festivities. Some came up with rallies, some organized seminars and some participated in campaign in order to aware people about environment; how we pollute it and how we can protect it. All of them are undoubtedly appreciable work.
World Environment Day
World Environment Day

On that day, the Bangla newspaper the “Prothom-Alo” published a special feature regarding environment titled “No Damage in the Sundarbans though Aila Hit: the Speed of Tidal waves Reduces 30% and Height Reduces 10%.”

The photo of Sundarbans taken from the Prothom-Alo

The photo of Sundarbans taken from the Prothom-Alo

Most of us know about the cyclone Aila. It hit Bangladesh and India. In Bangladesh it couldn’t have much damage due to Sundarbans. This mangrove forest undermined the damages by becoming a protective shield.

Just think about it. We cut down tress to meet our demands and usages. In every country there should be 25% of forests considering its land area. Unfortunately, Bangladesh doesn’t have that much forest land. Moreover, we are cutting down tress! Just think what would happened if there was no Sundarbans. 

Let's do it!

Let's do it!

Please plant trees. It is true that we need wood, however, it is also true that we need forests that can protect our lands. It is not for Bangladesh, it is for all countries of the world. So, if you cut down a tree, please plant two trees for that. In future, those trees will give you shelter.

Source: http://prothom-alo.com/archive/news_details_home.php?dt=2009-06-05&issue_id=1300&nid=MjQxMTY=

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