Are we in the correct track?

I am taking karate class in my school. Once it was my dream to learn karate, but now I am happy that I have the opportunity to learn it.

It became my dream when I started watching Japanese or Chinese cartoons. Obviously, at that time I could not understand anything excluding the martial art: karate, kung fu, judo. It was amazing for me to watch boys and girls were fighting respectfully. I learnt about those arts from my father. He taught me the value of these arts. It was an inspiration; inspiration to defense own self.  I like the spirit.

'SAMURAI X'-cartoon that demonstrates martial art

'SAMURAI X'-cartoon that demonstrates martial art

On the other hand, some of my friends took it violently. They thought it was a new form of fighting to defeat others or show power to others. When I told them what my father had said, they laughed at me. They thought I am girl, so I do not how boys think!

This is the difference. When something new, which is not our culture, introduces through cartoons or other television shows, we take it differently as we do not know anything about that. Our misconception can lead us into another way which may be harmful for us, for example, martial art. In China or in Japan, it is natural as it is their culture. Kids of those countries learn it to defenses own selves, not to fight or create violence. And in those countries, where it’s not a culture or it’s unfamiliar, mistreat the main idea and practice it differently.

The main aim of cartoons is to spread culture from one country to another. As children are the backbone or future of a country, cartoon is an easy media to make them familiar with different culture. Now, the question is how they take it? Are they adopting the positive side or negative side of that? Are our parents are paying attention to it that their kids are having misconceptions?

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2 Comments on “Are we in the correct track?”

  1. poorvoices Says:

    Dear Bon,

    I really liked how you connected the interpretations of cartoon to your real life. I really enjoyed reading it.
    I believe there are always 2 ways to view things in the world i.e positive and negative.It depends on people perception on they judge things and it’s always good to perceive positive things.
    I am thankful that you learnt the real meaning of the arts like karate and kung fu.Thanks to your father- My uncle =].

    Great post.


  2. zishrat Says:

    Hi Bon,

    Yah, we have to take the positive side of everyting. I just want to mention that our parents can clear our ideas as we are small and unaware of these things. Thanks for your comment.


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