What a solution!

In my last post I mentioned that I went home and had some interesting experiences. This post is also part of my experiences.

In my grad mom’s home, there was a get together of my uncles and aunts, along with my grand mom’s neighbors. It was like a festival for us because after a long time all of my aunts got a chance met each other in one place. It is to inform you that I have five cousins and there was total nine kids including neighborhood. 

Everybody was in the dining table: eating, chatting and watching news in the television. However, they were also disturbed because of the kids. They were screaming and running and playing here and there. So, it interrupted the elders.

The kids were in their world, but it was difficult for us to stay calmly because of them. We warned them several times to be quiet and not to make much noise. But who listened to whom?

Then, one of my uncles came up with an idea. He suggested others to send the kids to one of my neighbors’ house in order to allow them to watch cartoons in television.

We all praised him, as his idea worked. The kids were enjoying among themselves and their parents were not tensed because they were safe in one place and were having fun.    

This is the craziness of cartoons and sometimes we can take this type of little little advantages from it. It seems that watching cartoons was more valuable for the kids than playing outside, at present time.

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