I am isolated!

A few days ago I went to my home with my friends. I never imagined that I would experience something new!

When I went to meet my grand mom, I met my uncle from neighborhood and his son. My cousin is studying in class II. He is my today’s topic.

Like other kids he also loves Spiderman cartoon. He is a really fan of it. He plays the Spiderman games in computer all the time. He has the collection of the movie series also.

Not only this, his pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler, pencil box, school bag and even water bottle also have Spiderman logos. Isn’t it craziness?


The problem is his parents are also happy with this because their kid is not a disturbing kid. Moreover, their child is doing well in exams. So, they are providing what their kid is saying. My uncle is also satisfied because his son is not playing outside, so they don’t have any tension where their kid is or what is he doing or is he having any bad company.

Now, my cousin’s demand is a by cycle. Obviously, it should have to have Spiderman photo in it. And his parents are planning to buy it!

How will I describe this one? My uncle and aunt are happy because both of them go to work and nobody is there to take care of their son. Moreover, their son also is not feeling lonely while he is with Spiderman. So, they can work without any tension.

Because of this thought, my neighbor uncle and aunt are making their son addicted to cartoon and computer games. After talking to their son, I realize that he is becoming unsocial. He has no interest to talk about anything rather talking about Spiderman. According to uncle, he is still kid and when he will grow up he will be social. 

I don’t know what conclusion I should draw about this problem. I can’t blame my uncle because he is right from his point of view. There is no option for him to choose. If his son goes outside, who will take care of him? So, let him to be isolated!!!  

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