Is watching cartoons bad?


Today I am going to write about one of my roommates and friends who loves reading cartoons (comics). No matter what happens, she has to read it!

She used to read cartoons on line for more than four hours daily. It became her habit, she became addicted to it.

I have never seen her studying at evening. She spent her whole day in the IT Lab and at night she sleeping! What an easy life!!

Though I have never seen her studying, her class performance is always good. I, along with my other roommates am surprised to that. The thing is she used to do homework during her free period. Sometimes, we have lots of work to do. I don’t know within a short period how she has managed all of the work.

One day, one of her teachers told us how creative she is. In her literature exam, she answered a question with her vision and imagination power. Her teacher was impressed to see it.

There is no doubt that from cartoon she is learning many things –small small general knowledge, lifestyle of the people of different countries. In one word, she is enriching herself without reading books, but only reading cartoons.

When she was in her home, she used to watch cartoons with her sisters all day long, but during her study time, she studied. However, she quarreled a lot with her sisters regarding watching cartoons. Three of them have different tastes and there is only one television. Her mom always scolds them for quarrelling. This is the sweetest memory of her life, which she shared with us several times. Now she is here, missing her family and sweet memories and reading cartoons!

This is just an example from my experience that watching cartoons is ok, but don’t be addicted to it. Like my friend, who is taking the good thing from cartoons, and never forget her responsibilities.

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2 Comments on “Is watching cartoons bad?”

  1. poorvoices Says:

    Every thing has its prose and cons. I think watching cartoon is both good and bad. Its upto oneself to take either positive or negative sides.
    I am glad our roommate has taken good sides and not to forget some bad sides of it.
    But it is fun to have her as friend, isn’t it?

    Great post.


  2. zishrat Says:

    Ya! we are lacky to have her as friend and roommate.

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