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Cartoons and gender discrimination

February 28, 2009


There is no doubt that people of all ages like watching cartoons, but it differs according to their taste. Some people like action cartoons, some are fairy tales and some comedies.

In the cartoon world most of the cartoons are male or female based; means main character is male or female. Only a few cartoons have neutral characters -male or female both or none of them (which mostly have the character of animals).

As I have interest in fairy tales and action both, and my brother only actions-I thought about this issue from my childhood. I asked him many times about it -in his different ages, but I got the same answer. According to him, action cartoons are only for boys. It is not only his answer, it is also those kids to whom I asked the same question. They all mentioned that from these type of cartoons they can learn the tricks -how to defeat your enemy, how to fight with them. Not only this, they also stated that if they watch these cartoons they can save the world, they can be hero. But if they watch female leading cartoons, they will learn how to dance or how to do black magic, which they do not want to learn. And they think that those cartoons are boring, and girlish! If they watch those cartoons, it will be a matter of their prestige.

On the other hand I asked the same question to some girls -why they love only fairy tales not actions. Their answer is similar to the boys. Girls, who I talked to, think that if they watch these types of cartoons, they can learn how to be nice with people, how to take care of others and how to be fashion conscious. They do not like action cartoons because in action cartoons they find guns, fight and blood, which they hate. They have an idea that if they watch that type of cartoons, they will act like a boy which is violent.

But, it is also truth that I found only a few numbers of kids who love both type of cartoons and they do not have the ego problem.

I want to mention that the kids I interviewed were the age of 7 to 12. In this age they do not have respect for their friends who are not in their gender. Is the cartoon behind their thought or the society? Can their parents change their minds? I do not know the answer. At present, we all are talking about gender discrimination. And for some families I think it starts from their home.





Cartoons and my sweet memory

February 26, 2009


I think I have talked too harshly about crazy cartoon addicted people in my last two posts. However, whatever I shared that was truth. I do not have proofs without me. It’s up to you to decide what to do.

After those posts, I really want to share with you some sweet moments of two cartoon addicted kids, which not only memorable for them, but also for you –I believe so.

Once two cartoon addicted siblings quarreled and it was that much serious that they stopped talking to each other. They had some problems because they are different from each other. It is natural that every single person in the earth is different, but they refused to stay together because of this reason.

As they are different, their taste is also different. However, only one point they have similarities is that they love cartoons. And this one thing brought them close.

What happened is that, one of them loves fairy tales and another loves action cartoons, but both of them love one most popular comedy cartoon. So, they can watch their favorite cartoons in different time without interrupting each other, but what would happen to their favorite famous cartoon? They are fanatic of cartoons, so they could not stay without watching it. The only solution was they had to watch the cartoon together which was impossible for them at that point of time. But they had to watch, as they fond of it.

To solve this problem their parents took the initiative. The father went to the elder one and the mother to the younger. Both of them said their kids the same thing –they would watch cartoon together. The kids individually thought that they were going to watch it with their father and mother, and they were happy about that. But, when they met each other in front of the television set, they were upset; however, they did not express their feelings in front of their parents. Their parents took the advantage of this situation. While they were watching the cartoon, they enjoyed a lot. They laugh together, felt sorry for the characters together. At that time, they realized that they were the same.

Every person is different though they have some common choices. So, what they could not realize, the cartoon made them understand easily. That is why, I want to share that moment with you. Watching cartoons are not bad always. For the siblings, if they are not crazy about the cartoon that much, it was not possible for them to realize the truth. Cartoon was the media that helped them to close together. I know about the incident because the siblings were not other than me and my younger brother!     


Cartoons and its STUNTS!

February 25, 2009


With the follow-up of my last post, where I described how cartoons characters affect kids; especially boys, I would like to add more about that types of behaviors.

The kids, who are adopting the cartoon characters’ attitude, among them some kids behave more fiercely than others. Cartoon addicted kids try fights, seen in the cartoons, for being popular or for the craziness (or for love?) of cartoon characters. But, those kids, who act more violent than this behavior, are totally mad about cartoons. They want more, rather than fame. Thus, they discover new ways to be famous, which can be threat to their lives—and that is stunts, which they are trying to adopt, inspired by cartoons.

Our popular superheroes can save the world form bad people by demonstrating amazing fighting and some of them have special powers, such as flying, throwing nets, jumping over roofs of high rise buildings and some of them know the martial art. They can do that because they are not real –men designed them to so. This is the problem that many kids do not understand they are real and whatever they are doing is just simply vague. Therefore, their desire to become like their superheroes grows strong.

Now I am going to illustrate how these fanatical kids fulfill their desires (!). I have seen a few kids (one of them is in my home) who want to prove themselves as their superheroes. Among them, some kids tried to jump from their rooftop of their house in front of their friends to prove their abilities—they can fly or can jump two or three roofs at a time. Some other kids tried throwing rope in order to capture small things, like glass, books, pen, pencil, with one word their daily stuff. When their parents take an attempt to make their kids understand whatever they are doing is wrong, they refuse to believe them. And you will be surprised to know that they are trying to prove. They try to prove that their superheroes exist. For proving their faith, they really do something horrible because they believe (or want to prove) their superheroes will come and save them form this danger. They set fire in their rooms, try to jump from the buildings, and sometimes they hurt others to become villain, because if they become bad their superheroes will come to defeat them and save those who they hurt. Can it be acceptable in these days?

I do not want to say any more about these violent behaviors. It was my job to inform you about them, if you are ignorant about these vicious behaviors, and I have done it. It is up to you to decide who you are and what your role toward these wild crazy kids is.

Can cartoons create violence?

February 23, 2009


In my previous articles, I mentioned that cartoon is one of the most popular medias of refreshment, and it helps to increase the imagination power and creativity, and how much crazy people are about fantasy. And now I am saying that cartoons can create violence. Hope you won’t be surprised while reading this article –how can cartoons create violence?  

There are different types of cartoons, I mean different genres, among them fantasy, sci-fi, action, fairly tales are the most popular.

Today, I am going to talk about action cartoons, which I experienced, reason of violent behavior. But I am sorry to say that most of them created by boys, however, only a few of them are by girls, according to my familiarity.

I saw some boys, who become excited while watching action cartoons. They are so much connected to the characters of cartoons that most of the time they adopt the gesture or the talking styles of the characters without noticing it. I do not have problem with this type attitude of kids because I believe they are in such age where life is enjoyable to them. But the problems arise when they start applying the action stunts in their real lives –with their friends or siblings. And the result is injury—hurt own self and others, which sometimes become so serious that leads to the hospitals. Just imagine small kids are fighting in front of you and hurting each other.

 Nobody teaches them to act like this. They do it naturally, which is similar to the cartoon characters. In every action cartoons, the hero defeats villains with intelligence and ‘eye-catching’ fight. From the cartoons, most kids only learn the ‘eye-catching’ fighting, rather than cleverness. When kids act in a hostile way, it is difficult to make them understand that whatever they are doing is wrong. The most possible reason behind this problem is maybe their self inspiration by cartoons. They think their ‘hero’ is saving everyone from bad people and everybody praises him, why not they try to be the ‘hero’ among their friends? I think this type of attitudes lead them to behave in this aggressive manner, which is now frequently seen in many homes in many countries of the world. But, it became the matter of concern as the rate of children who behave violently is increasing alarmingly.          






My Friend and Her Cartoon Life!

February 19, 2009


   Like me, most of my friends are fan of cartoons and some of them are totally freak about it. Today, I want to write about one of my friends, who used to maintaining a CARTOON LIFE!

We know each other from our childhood. Though we both love cartoons, she is more fanatic than me. In my mind, I was thinking of cartoons and its character all the time, but my friend was a bit advance than me. If I tell you, you won’t believe, but it is true that she loved to maintain her life like the cartoon characters. Her room is full of toys, which is natural, as almost all kids have toys of their favorite cartoon characters. But, if you come to know her purpose behind collecting toys, you all will be surprised. She accustomed to do so to design dresses like them. Can you imagine it? –one girl is roaming all the time with the costume of different cartoon characters. When I went her home, it seemed to me that I was in a dreamy, fantasy world, or a fancy dress competition.  

I am giving another example of her childish acts. One day in the class, she was upset which was impossible for us to believe. We discovered that she was upset because her parents refused to fulfill her wish. We thought they were tired of her silly stubborn desires, but the reality was different. When we heard her demand, we were speechless. Before telling what happened, I want to mention that like her, some other friends of mine were occasionally acted like her. Now, listen what was her require. She demanded a swimming pool with mermaid toys. Her aim was to spend rest of her life in the swimming pool like a world famous cartoon character!

This is the example how crazy people are about cartoons, which lead them to behave strangely. Sometimes they are influenced by cartoon so much that it is hard for others to keep them in right track because they lose their sense and believe that everything is possible in real world like fantasy world.      




Role of CARTOONS in My Life!

February 19, 2009



In my last, article I have talked about my cousin, who is nearly one year old and addicted to cartoons. I illustrated that how he became a fan of cartoons at that age and act strangely. Now, I am going to talk about myself.

I am fond of cartoons. It does not matter to me what type of cartoons they are—animated or comics. The main thing is I love cartoons.

Like other kids, from the childhood I used to watch cartoons, but for a certain period of time in each day. There are two reasons behind this habit. One is there was no satellite channel available at that time, and the second reason was my mom, who is very strict. Therefore, I could not get enough chance to be addicted!

Gradually, the years passed, I grew old, and my taste has also changed. I became more interested to animated cartoons and comics. However, my daily routine changed, when one of the most popular satellite cartoon channel has come to my home. Suddenly, I discovered a new world –the world of FANTASY. At that point, I was studying in class VI. That was the beginning of my addiction.

With this addiction, my world changed. For many reasons, I used to watch cartoons only half an hour to one hour per day, but when I watch them, I lost in that world. All the time I was thinking about the characters of the cartoons. I do not know when it became my passion!

Let’s focus on my passion. It was ok to me lost in the dreamy world of cartoons, but without my notification, it started affecting my life. I am telling you what happened. Whenever I prepared my lessons for school, my mind was not with me –I became inattentive. Days were passing like that, and obviously, my class grade decreased unbelievably. Besides this, my class participation also decreased because all the time in class I was sleepy. The reason behind this problem was I could not sleep at night properly. At night, lying on my bed I was thinking what will happen to the next episode of the series or what will happen to the princess if the villain attacks in her wedding ceremony? This sort of imagination was going on my mind. However, I overcame this problem with the help of my mom. At that time she made me understand what the difference between the real world and the fantasy world is. There was another thing that helped me to defeat myself was the end of cartoon series. Thanks God that the cartoon series, which I was addicted to, were not telecasted for a long time. If it was remain for a long time, God knows what would happen? 

I believe that it is story of many kids who like to imagine themselves in the dreamy world of cartoons. As a result, like me, maybe, they are facing this sort of problems in their lives. I hope if they have problems, they will find a way to overcome it. Maybe their friends and family can help them.



Cartoon addiction!

February 16, 2009


At present moment, watching cartoons has become very popular among people of all ages as an entertaining media which easily refreshes anyone’s mind. From cartoons we can learn many things, as well as it gives us pleasure. There is nothing wrong to watch cartoons, but there should be a time limit, like one to two hours daily to watch it. When we cross this limit and start watching cartoons for a long time in each day, it becomes an addiction—an addiction that affects our lives badly. Therefore, according to my point of view, at present, cartoon addiction is becoming a social issue.

            I think one of the reasons to become addicted to cartoons is attraction. From my personal experience I am saying so. I have a cousin, who is nearly one year old and love watching cartoons. Obviously, he does not understand anything about cartoons, but he is attracted by the sound and various color of cartoons. Now what happened is he wanted to watch cartoons all the time –morning, evening and night. If we change the channel, he starts crying. Not only this, if we do not allow him to watch, he refuses to take lunch or dinner, even though he is hungry. Before being addicted with cartoons he used to be jolly and loved spending time with us, but now he prefers to watch cartoons! At this age he is behaving like this, who knows what will happen in future? Also, question may arise that how he became addicted, but the answer is we do not know because none of my uncle, aunt or grandmother watches cartoons. However, we watch television in front of him. Thus, we are assuming that while we are watching we change the channels, and maybe from there somehow cartoons caught his attention. At this moment, my uncle and aunt’s main goal is to drive him into correct path. I believe, it is the same image of many houses all over the world.

This is only one example, but I know many other kids who are addicted to cartoons like my cousin. For that reason, it is a social issue to me. To keep it in my mind, I would like to say that this is just the beginning of my experiences. Soon, I will come with my other experiences and my friends’ thoughts and opinions regarding this issue.