‘Duniya Kapano 30 Minutes’

Posted March 5, 2010 by zishrat
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For me it was a TV live show which illustrates the 30 minutes lasting firing of West Pakistani Meletary on the procession of the students of Dhaka University demanding Bangla as a national language in 1952. The place called Aamtala which is the emergency gate of Dhaka Medical College.

The programme was held in that place and many people joined.

I was overwhelmed. There were no words to describe my feelings. I was slightly emotional too while wathcing the show. I wish I were present there at that time to see the programme live.

Later, in facebook, I joined its group after watching the programme. Everyone commenting there were sharing their feelings. I was also one of them. After a while, a comment drew my attention. Someone criticizes others feelings as according to her everyone exposes emotion only for one day! She meant that we actually don’t show our gratitude towards the martyers, we are talking about it as we have to do it or everyone is doing is.

It’s very strange because she came to this conculsion by her observation of her friends. From her experience she has said so, but there are people who actually express gratitude from the core of their heart. It is nothing that we have to show it all the time as far as you respect.



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I feel like writing once again here. After a huge gap, I don’t know how will continue with my objectives. I am having hard time to manage my schedule…reading newspaper regularly!

In the mean time, lots of things happened in my life, but I am hopfully back once again.

I can’t promise anything, but I will continue this blog as promised to someone I admire.

Maybe this is for the day!

Welcome once again for  a new beginning.

Let’s do it!

Posted June 8, 2009 by zishrat
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5 June was the WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY. On that day many organizers celebrated it with joy and festivities. Some came up with rallies, some organized seminars and some participated in campaign in order to aware people about environment; how we pollute it and how we can protect it. All of them are undoubtedly appreciable work.
World Environment Day
World Environment Day

On that day, the Bangla newspaper the “Prothom-Alo” published a special feature regarding environment titled “No Damage in the Sundarbans though Aila Hit: the Speed of Tidal waves Reduces 30% and Height Reduces 10%.”

The photo of Sundarbans taken from the Prothom-Alo

The photo of Sundarbans taken from the Prothom-Alo

Most of us know about the cyclone Aila. It hit Bangladesh and India. In Bangladesh it couldn’t have much damage due to Sundarbans. This mangrove forest undermined the damages by becoming a protective shield.

Just think about it. We cut down tress to meet our demands and usages. In every country there should be 25% of forests considering its land area. Unfortunately, Bangladesh doesn’t have that much forest land. Moreover, we are cutting down tress! Just think what would happened if there was no Sundarbans. 

Let's do it!

Let's do it!

Please plant trees. It is true that we need wood, however, it is also true that we need forests that can protect our lands. It is not for Bangladesh, it is for all countries of the world. So, if you cut down a tree, please plant two trees for that. In future, those trees will give you shelter.

Source: http://prothom-alo.com/archive/news_details_home.php?dt=2009-06-05&issue_id=1300&nid=MjQxMTY=

A new conception

Posted May 8, 2009 by zishrat
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        Till now I critisized  cartoon which has an advarse effect on society. I focused on only one issue of the society. Now, I’ve decieded to change my blog a little bit.

        From now, I’ll write about newspaper articles which I think need to talk about or to reach to everyone. Those articles or reports will be related to social issues that need to change or if discussed, can make a change.

        To accomplish this, my preferences are ‘THE DAILY STAR‘ and ‘PROTHOM-ALO‘; the leading newspapers of Bangladesh. The first one is English and the other is Bangla. There will be two section in my writing; first part of my writing will be the summary and the next part will be my response. I’ll change the title of my blog, but the URL will be the same.

What are we learning?

Posted April 16, 2009 by zishrat
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This post is about negative side of cartoons. In this post I would like to mention some cartoons that are giving false information of the living world.

I think in cartoon fiction is ok, but we have to make sure that our kids can easily understand what is the fiction and what is the truth. We have to be careful that we are not mixing the fiction with reality.

Yes. It is true that some of our kids are so serious about cartoons that they like to believe what the cartoons show, but what will happen to those who are enjoying cartoons, but not affectionate about that? 



Some cartoons, like ‘POKEMON‘ and ‘DIGIMON‘ are the



examples of those cartoons which are giving our kids wrong information. In these cartoons we can see many creatures which are not real. However, they set up as they are real and their body shape is like shape of original animals. The problem is there are lots of surprising plants and animals in this world, about which we are unaware. So, after watching those creators, small kids can easily believe that those are real. They will be puzzled easily.

Instead of those characters can’t we use the original animals to introduce our kids about the living creators? It is my another silly thought. One day while I was watching television with my small cousin, I noticed that he knows all the names of the characters of the cartoons which are very weird. It surprised me because he can’t memorize properly any English name of animals, but he can memorize what the cartoon is showing him. I am sure that if we introduce the original plants and animals through cartoons like Pokemon or Digimon, they will enjoy and learn quickly.

Are we in the correct track?

Posted April 16, 2009 by zishrat
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I am taking karate class in my school. Once it was my dream to learn karate, but now I am happy that I have the opportunity to learn it.

It became my dream when I started watching Japanese or Chinese cartoons. Obviously, at that time I could not understand anything excluding the martial art: karate, kung fu, judo. It was amazing for me to watch boys and girls were fighting respectfully. I learnt about those arts from my father. He taught me the value of these arts. It was an inspiration; inspiration to defense own self.  I like the spirit.

'SAMURAI X'-cartoon that demonstrates martial art

'SAMURAI X'-cartoon that demonstrates martial art

On the other hand, some of my friends took it violently. They thought it was a new form of fighting to defeat others or show power to others. When I told them what my father had said, they laughed at me. They thought I am girl, so I do not how boys think!

This is the difference. When something new, which is not our culture, introduces through cartoons or other television shows, we take it differently as we do not know anything about that. Our misconception can lead us into another way which may be harmful for us, for example, martial art. In China or in Japan, it is natural as it is their culture. Kids of those countries learn it to defenses own selves, not to fight or create violence. And in those countries, where it’s not a culture or it’s unfamiliar, mistreat the main idea and practice it differently.

The main aim of cartoons is to spread culture from one country to another. As children are the backbone or future of a country, cartoon is an easy media to make them familiar with different culture. Now, the question is how they take it? Are they adopting the positive side or negative side of that? Are our parents are paying attention to it that their kids are having misconceptions?

Captain Planet –we miss you!

Posted April 12, 2009 by zishrat
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When I was small, I used to watch a cartoon ‘CAPTAIN PLANET‘. It’s a social awareness cartoon. There was a group of five chosen Planeteers. From their ring power the hero ‘CAPTAIN PLANET’ was formed. The hero only used to come when there was a trouble for earth or mankind. I like the cartoon because it showed how human can pollute the environment and what their consequences are.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Without our concern we always pollute the environment. After polluting it, we realize that what we have done. The cartoon captain planet teaches us to think before harming the nature. That’ s why when people experience the consequences of pollution, and nothing left to do at that time, only then captain planet comes to save the world.

I think we should telecast the cartoon series once again. When we were kids, we learned how behave towards nature. At present, our kids can see trees and greens barely. So, they don’t think much about the environment. Their world is full of fantasy and unreal things. If we make them watch awareness cartoons like captain planet, they can learn more and maybe can be interested to protect the green world like Captain Planet. It has been my dream to watch our kids not to become Superman or Spiderman, but to become Captain Planet. This cartoon will force them to think the reality. Therefore, I miss you Captain Planet.